Hello, my name is Briana, Welcome to my website.

So, what’s this you might wonder?… Well, just as the website title says, this is my little geek space. I’ve been wondering for a while how to keep improving my technical skills and how to really understand what I read, and I got to the conclusion that if I’m able to explain to someone else the things I’ve been learning in an easy and understandable manner, then it will be because I have understood it very well mysefl. So, that is the reason for this website, is meant to be not only a place where I can write about my learnings, but also a place for technical references and a place where others can learn. I sincerely believe that the best way of learning (at least for me), is by explaining things to others in the most easy and simple way.

Of course I’m not an expert, so expect to find some mistakes, and feel free to correct me if you find something wrong in here, I would actually appreciate that. Another small detail, I’m not a native English speaker, so you might also encounter language grammatical errors, be easy on me, I’ll improve.

Ok, I have already told you what the purpose for this website is, but who’s the one behind it? Who am I? Well, on the main page you can find my github, twitter (although I don’t really use it, I’ll try…) and I already told you my name. But I’m going to share to you a little bit more about me that you won’t find in those social accounts.

As I told you before, my name is Briana, I’m 31 years old, I’m from Mexico, specifically from a small town named Mazatlan in the Sinaloa state. Mazatlan is next to the beach and my favorite thing about that is the food, I love sea food. It’s been around 6 years that I moved out from Mazatlan to Guadalajara, Jalisco, lately known as ‘The Silicon Valley of Mexico’. I moved into it because of better professional opportunities. Mazatlan is a small town hence it does not offer a lot of career growth, at least not for the field I choose. In fact, my college degree is as an Electronic Engineer but after moving into GDL, I found out that IT offered greater opportunities and also I fell in love with Linux so I made a career change and got into IT. I have no regrets, I love what I do, but it has meant a lot of challenges, there is a lot, literally A LOT to learn every single day, and that’s also the reason for this webiste, to increase and improve the knowledge I have been gathering for myself and to myself. Lucky me, I love challenges and I love learning new stuff every single day, so getting into the IT world has been amazing, with its ups and downs of course, but ultimately, the best. I like living my life under the following statement, “Maybe there is something I don’t know anything about or something I haven’t done before, but at least I’m going to try it, because I do believe that life’s battles are not won by the strongest or lightest man, life’s battles are won by the one who thinks can win.”

So, welcome, I really hope we can learn in here together.